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Proud Of Me

by A-Fos

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Alright, Alright, Alright, Alright,
Bumpin' Outkast at this party 'til we cross-eyed,
Showin' me her summer pictures I'm like aw nice,
I don't give a ugh but I'ma smile and just nod like,

Yeah I'm doin' great,
Oh no golly gee,
Yeah I'm doin' great,
I think my mama Proud of me

Verse 1:

beat gon slap, let my ego back, on the D-LOW cats be like he so nasty,
below that "OMG" all caps, team on my back, whole league gon' gas me,
really dope glasses green old jacket east coast raps and T.O. fashion,
seek no status the tweets or snaps but ill be so happy to repost cat memes,

gee old sally, me oh my feeling my self yeah maybe,
me no copy, me no lie, no still with the sound that wavey,
people flocking, seagull cry bills in the mouth, thats crazy
zero options, zero time, zero lovin' baby,

if you wanna get it then you really gotta try,
i really wanna be a winner i ain't gunna lie,
really wanna spend a bunch of money on my mommy but she told me not
to worry bout the money so its fine,
i don't wanna get a job fuck a 9-5
but i ain't bout to hit a bong I be n the grind,
Sick of all the rappers that be sayin' "on my grind" but I really love coffee so I hope you don't mind,

ouu eee and we just getting started,
ouu eee, stink face like I farted,
You got feelings by the carton don't belong here darling
and you lookin' alien by the mic I should call you Marvin,

not sayin' I'm the greatest but I'm not not the one
fuckin' princess Laya then i hot box the sun
feeling like a hater but I'm true as they come
didn't wanna say it but you are my son
Okey Dokey Neighbour I do it for fun,
never thought I could spit now you feel dumb,
Whine and complain and rhyming the same and
what I'm tryna' say is shut the fuck up,


Verse 2:

tell me what it do baby what you got now,
party in the back muhfucka' in the house,
turn it all down, turn it all down,
bring it up bring it up bring it up loud,

Looking like Selena Gomez yeah I'm ready ill come get it,
all she wanna do is kissy kissy on the couch
tell her baby its whatever, something witty somethin' clever,
but she don't wanna talk unless theirs pizza in her mouth

these rappers fishy c'mon baby get the tartar sauce
they more hated than all lives matter parking cop,
holy moly let me stumble thru the starting blocks,
wore a suit so i can get the "i love harvey crop",

more like mike 'cuz hungry as shit,
hungry for fame money and uhhh
more like mike with the flick of a wrist,
never fade away while you jumpin' the ship
this my shot over Elo, only real heads get the sate of the stylo,
that pen if you getting what mean though
im just kidding i am spanish y mi pelo es bonito

hair game on point fam, yayayaya
like i starred in air bud in think joint man,
i don't even need appointment,
my girls up in new jersey be like A-Fos yea he goes in,

old folks bump it, baby boomers pissed off
hose down my Huggies, evident my shit hot,
clean up my muzzy filthy when i spit brah,
set designer money all i do is get props,
same old game and i ain't talking pin ball,
i ain't name names 'cuz i know i been wrong,
past is the past, is the past is the past,
never leave the raps, word to Chris bosh,



released December 30, 2016



all rights reserved


A-Fos & The Rude Youth London, Ontario

Currently based out of London Ontario, A-Fos & The Rude Youth is a hip hop band full of influences from soul, reggae, heavy rock, and funk music. The project was started by Alex Foster-Roman, a young rapper with a bright future. When his incredible lyrical prowess was merged together with a tight band, sparks flew. The band has released a free stream of the 5 song EP - STAY CONNECTED! ... more

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